Hi! My name is Jessica. I’m a Swiss graphic designer and this is my portfolio. I can help you build a beautiful logo. website that rocks! successful brand. corporate identity. Don’t be shy, get in touch!

Recent Projects

Web Design pour la commune de Crésuz 2022

The Municipality of Crésuz being nestled in a rural and sylvan landscape on the edge of a lake, my idea was to focus my communication on the quality of life, the relationship between man and nature, and contemplation.
Small quotes punctuate the template and underline this intention.
And to accentuate the contrast and beauty of the places represented, the image gallery switches to darkened mode when scrolling, virtually alternating between sunset and sunrise.

Municipality of Crésuz

/ 2022 – Identity & Web Design – Web Development by hemmer.ch in process

The logo is declined in the form of petals that represent each of the organizations meeting under the aegis of the COB. The full screen template uses a large Banner Hero which recalls the visual identity through the gesture of the child. This sign should be used in the future to create a brand image. Quotes on education support the image. The content of the information pages are stick figures reminiscent of children’s drawings.

Graphic and Web Design COB

La Broye Orientation Cycles

/ 2022 – Identity & Web Design – Web Development by hemmer.ch in process

Webdesign Besson Immobilier Verbier

The characteristic construction lines of the Besson Immobilier visual identity caught my attention and I decided to draw inspiration from them for the elaboration of the graphic design. Therefore, I worked on a grid composed of lines based on the golden canon of the layout of Tschichold, that is to say the Golden Canon Grid which offered the advantage to realize a layout playing punctually with the imbalance.

Besson Real Estate Verbier

/ 2022 – Web Design – Web Development by hemmer.ch in process

The visual is based on the illustrative style already present in the visual identity and linked by a “line punctuated with stars” motif representing the significant narrative of As’trame.
The minimalist color palette harmoniously accompanies the “black and white” illustrations, leaving the use of the yellow color for the highlighting of text or “Call to action”.
The result is a coherent web design that is skillfully linked to the client’s visual identity.

Webdesign Astrame

As’trame Foundation

/ 2021 – Web Design – Web Development by hemmer.ch

Graphic Design Commune de Givisiez

After a long research on heraldic symbolism and the history of the Municipality, I made evolve their coat of arms and stylized it. The result is a dynamic and modern badge that does not break the link with tradition. For the Web Design, I integrated the baseline to the banner to highlight their services. I played with overlays and offsets to give movement to the pages, thus obtaining a bold template for a municipal administration.

Municipality of Givisiez

/ 2022 – Identity & Web Design – Web Development by hemmer.ch in process

A few more works to peek on ;-)