Municipality of Crésuz

2022 / Identity & Web Design – Web Development by in process

What the client needed

The site still online at the moment dates from 2011. It was decided to take advantage of the TYPO3 update to change the Web Design of the site in order to rejuvenate and modernize the appearance and optimize the user experience. At the same time, a rejuvenation of the identity was desired so as not to simply rely on the coat of arms of the town.

My part of the project

The Commune of Crésuz being nestled in a rural and sylvan landscape on the edge of a lake, my idea was to focus my communication on the quality of life, the relationship between man and nature, and contemplation.
Small quotes punctuate the template and underline this intention.
And to accentuate the contrast and beauty of the places represented, the image gallery switches to darkened mode when scrolling, virtually alternating between sunset and sunrise.

Web Design Templates Crésuz