A little bit about me and how I became the designer I am today

What I can do for you

With a master’s degree in Graphic Design, I am able to analyze the needs of your company in terms of identity and multimedia supports in order to create a coherent and promising whole. I know how to establish your brand through various tools, Marketing, Web, Graphic, SEO and make it evolve by giving you the maximum autonomy in terms of software choices. My experience as a company manager and my training as a PMI project manager also gives me the necessary Know How to manage a team in order to bring a project to its conclusion while ensuring that quality and efficiency are always a priority.

How i usually work

I always start with an interview. It helps me to evaluate your needs, your context, your preferences, etc. I will then provide you with a detailed costed proposal listing the tasks, steps and deliverables as well as the contractual conditions.
I then conduct a visual research of the context and the competition in order to establish a Moodboard that will serve me for the drafting of the project.
During the realization of visual identity, I generally propose 3 different versions exploring the appropriate lexical register.
And the project, according to its complexity, and our respective personalities, will then follow its course…


I am a communicator, creative, instinctive, perfectionist. My skills are multiple. I am just as likely to develop a communication concept as to concretize it in its entirety. My initial training as a multimedia designer widened my field of possibilities to a multitude of media ranging from print, web, audio, video, photography to the written word which was my first love from my journalistic training.
My post-graduate training allows me to manage teams and to approach the conceptual aspects of projects.

Adobe XD
After Effect
Premiere Pro